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Protect your flowers and plants from frost

Protect your flowers and plants from frost

Fall is slowly progressing into winter and your plants need protection. The temperatures are slowly but steadily dropping, there is a number of ways to guard your plants.

Temperatures usually drop below freezing early in the morning hours, killing or weltering green leaves, flowers and there fruit and stems.

After getting a freeze warning there’s a few things you can do.

Watering before sundown causes air temperatures around plants to rise overnight. The water evaporating will moderate air temperatures and if it freezes it will release heat. Another good way to use water to your advantage is by putting water containers (preferably black) out in the sun during the day and then placing them near your plants at night.

Cover your small plants with a bottom solid container, baskets, towels, blankets, tarps, plastics, sheets, or cardboard. If it threatens to be a windy night make sure to anchor the light weight coverings. Make sure to cover them before nightfall to insure that the warm air is tarped in. Remove the covering in early morning in order to protect the plants from overheating.

If you have the option to bring the plants indoors, you must keep them above 40 degrees. The garage is a great option. Sensitive plants are delicate and their growth can be stunted with cold temperatures.

Still, cold air damages plants. Stirring the air can keep the frost from forming on the plants. An electric fan can help, just remember to protect the electrical connections from moisture.